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"Home is where the heart is…”

Founded and established in 2017 to celebrate and promote the diversity and richness of Indian regional cultures, Greater Austin Bongobasi (GABB) is a registered non-profit organization. It is registered under the 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. GABB aims to foster a spirit of social and cultural harmony by working closely with the local Bengali community, through regular regional, artistic and charitable endeavors.

Though initially conceptualized and founded by members of the Bengali community, GABB’s long-term vision of social engagement and participation is to expand the reach to other members of the Indian community. Our upcoming Sharod Utsav (Autumn Festival) celebrations of 2022 is part of that cherished vision. GABB is deeply invested in preserving and handing down the invaluable cultural and intellectual trinkets of our Indian roots to our next generation in particular, and to the greater Indian community in general. Regional and cultural events organized by GABB are emotional and artistic expressions of a unique fusion of our Indian heritage and the aesthetics of this generous and inclusive country (the United States of America) that is now our home.

GABB is a fledgling community of Indian families, but is growing stronger with each passing day. We hope that GABB truly becomes a melting pot of Indian social, regional and cultural practices; simultaneously upholding the values of kindness, hospitality and inclusivity that are the cornerstones of our two homes, in which our hearts reside.

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